Lead Blader- are huge blades beyond that of others.. it is said that one bit of air from this bladers weapon can crush mountains,,,,

Rang-enger- they are quick and mid strength ability's... there good at long range attacks...with there
Hirainivru, a boomerang half the human body length said magic comes swift with it.

Soul Axe- by channeling there soul mana they can make powerful axes from most any metal...
but because of this they weaken quickly....

Pike - they are weilders of the pikelinr's, which gives the both the defence of a staff and a duel swords. there naturaly gifted with speed but very little power comes of them when young.

Caster- are lonesome people who gather mana of the 6 elements within there Gauntlet's, there sad
to be sad with the hold of mana crushing there life.. and are said to not be able to attack...

blystal- Deathly being said to have evolved from past humans.... they make weapons of all types
 from there blood, by changing blood there weapons change and Become stronger.