WORLD Traversed&Beyond

  the online game the world, has many untold stories ..maybe you were one of them or maybe not. in the immersed and easy to use online systems and chating, questing with friends from all over the world. Hundreds  to  thousands of fully detailed ares to explore beyond the normal.

of the  five towns of :

α(Alpha) Basi Fa- Trade route below the sky cities.

β(Beta) Kaltra – city Lined waterfalls.

Φ(phi) – faltra village- light village of the north.

ψ(PSI)- bysu mardu- tree top city to the west of the cultural city.

Ж(Zhe)- fail nule – wester city from mac anu.

With the use of the outer cities  well water powered X.I.V.E.R  Gate players can intantly change the areas and town if there strong enough to pass the magics horizon ....


 Features to be added

Fully new  gate system with a built in quest system.

Friend system with member address working.

Mailer offline client.

New flash mail system.

Zecter OS main-menu interface

Skill gate system.

change of arrow keys to WSAD keys for movement.

and a bit more....

Story and ploting: 10%
Maps: 0%
GFX: 5%
Scripting: 1%

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